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Superintendent's Update

Monday, January 25:  Van ISD lost a true legend last night!  George Blackburn passed away at approximately 10:30 p.m. in Denton.  He was 93 years old. 

Mr. Blackburn lived an extraordinary life!  He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was one of 3,000 seamen chosen to be a member of the Frogmen (the Navy’s original special operations unit which is known today as the SEALs).  He came to Van in 1955 as a shop teacher at Van High School.  Two years later he became the principal at Van High School and remained in that position for 22 years.  He retired in 1978 after 31 years of service in education. 

In the December, 2012 edition of The Voice, Van High School students Grace Herrington and Emily McMillan interviewed Mr. Blackburn and wrote his story.  We have posted the article below for your perusal.  Mr. Blackburn was a great man…a Frogman, Father, Principal, Veteran…Vandal!  


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George Blackburn - Frogman, Father, Principal, Veteran...Vandal! 


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