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Superintendent's Update

Thursday, July 2 – Day 54:  Day two of the demolition of the Old High School Gym Building is almost complete.  As the excavators work their way from the east to the west, I want to let our community know about one more thing we are trying to save…the rock bench in the old “smoking area” on the far west side of the building.  We need the public’s help.  There have been a couple of different stories about who actually constructed this bench.  Some say it was Prisoners of War and others say the W.P.A. (Work Projects Administration).  If you have any definitive information about this, please let us know.  This bench no doubt has an interesting history.  There are several initials and dates etched into the mortar joints.  It would really be neat if we could actually find the identity of these persons.  Again, we do not know where to begin looking for such information so any help would be appreciated very much.  We have created a “rock bench” folder in the photo gallery on the Van ISD website.  We built a structure around the bench to protect it from the demolition.  We have talked to our architect and told him we want to incorporate this bench in the new construction in some way.  He is looking at several different options but it hasn’t been decided if this will be an interior or exterior bench.   But the bottom line is…it will be saved.    Please continue to keep our district in your prayers as we move forward in our recovery-restoring-rebuilding efforts.          

We have 52 days before the first day of school and a lot of work to do to get ready for that first day.  #WeAreVan      

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