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Superintendent's Update

Saturday, July 11 – Day 63:  The demolition of J.E. Rhodes Elementary school began today.  But instead of talking about the building, today I want to talk about J.E. Rhodes--the man.  J.E. Rhodes was the first superintendent of Van ISD, and his vision led our district into one that has earned praise for its excellence across the state.

At the beginning of the 1929-1930 school year, there were a total of 90 students and five teachers in Van schools.  However, the discovery of oil on October 14, 1929 on the Jarman lease, less than a mile from the school, dramatically changed the school district as well as the entire community.  The start of the 1930-1931 school year brought 611 students.  School administrators and board members knew that they needed to plan ahead for massive community growth.   J.E. Rhodes was selected to build a school program in Van in 1930 only months after the initial discovery of crude oil.  He was faced immediately with providing educational services and facilities for hundreds of children who came with their families in search for a better life.  In the summer of 1930, a gymnasium was built and was originally used as a temporary high school.  After the approval of a bond by local voters, construction began in the spring of 1931 on new Van schools.  By the start of the 1931-1932 school year, a brick elementary school and a brick high school were ready for use.  The temporary high school was converted back to a gymnasium after the completion of the permanent high school.  In 1930, a teachers’ home known as The Faculty Club was constructed and was meant to entice the best available teachers to work within the district.  During the 1931-1932 term, a transportation program was begun with the purchase of three buses followed by an athletic park completed in the spring of 1933 and then a physical education-vocational building erected in 1937. 

A second major building program that continued even during World War II was completed in 1947.  Later, a new elementary school was constructed and completed in 1964.  Honoring the first and long-time superintendent of Van ISD, J.E. Rhodes, the school board named the new elementary building the “J.E. Rhodes Elementary School.” 

J.E. Rhodes was the superintendent of Van ISD for 36 years!  He was a great man who had a huge impact on Van ISD.  As we look to rebuild our new elementary school, we hope to continue his tradition of excellence and honor his great legacy.  The new J.E. Rhodes Elementary School will be a state of the art elementary school that will serve the children of our district for many years.   

We have 43 days before the first day of school and a lot of work to do to get ready for that first day.  #WeAreVan      

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