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Superintendent's Update

May 10, 2016:  It’s hard to believe it has been one year since the Mother’s Day tornado ripped through our town and scarred our district.  What a year it has been.  Filled with unfathomable lows and equally unfathomable highs, this past year has been one we will all forever remember.  We will forever remember what our town looked like with the dawning of May 11, 2015 -- the debris that was everywhere, the houses that were destroyed, the schools that were demolished, and the trees that were shredded and uprooted.  We will forever remember the families who were suddenly and violently displaced without warning as well as the loss of two of our town’s finest people, David and Brenda Tapley.  Yes, the black cloud of the tornado will forever be etched in our being.  But every cloud has a silver lining!  Our town and our district have been blessed immeasurably over the last year.  Do you remember the number of people who showed up the following days and weeks after the tornado to help us in any way they could?  Do you remember the numerous organizations that set up all over town to prepare meals every day for the volunteers?  Do you remember the outpouring of donations that we were blessed with, filling our churches with necessities for our community?  Do you remember the school supplies that came in from all over the state, completely filling up the gym floor at Van Junior High School?  Because of those gifts, our elementary teachers were able to restock their classrooms and children were provided with free school supplies.  Do you remember the surrounding communities donating money to our local food bank and elementary teachers -- monies that both entities are still utilizing to help those in need?  Do you remember the students from surrounding school districts dressing in red and having “Red Out” days in support of our kids?  Do you remember the sense of pride we had as a community as we worked side by side to rise from the ashes?  How the hard working Vandal spirit that only the people who live in this small town truly understand came shining through in our darkest moment?  Don’t let these memories fade because they have changed each one of us…for the better.  We all have a little more faith in humanity than we did one year and one day ago.  We all have more pride in our town and in our schools.  We all look at our children and families differently.  We hug them tighter and longer than we used to because we all know the difference a day makes…an hour makes…a second makes.  We are blessed to see time differently now. 

Today, many of our students participated in the first annual Vandal Service Day, a volunteer event to express our sincere gratitude in remembrance of all who came to our aid after the tornado.  Through service-oriented projects, Vandal Service Day fostered campus and community unity as students came together to show their selfless spirit and gratitude to the communities of Van ISD.  Over 130 of our high school students worked on various clean-up projects throughout the communities within our district.  Early childhood students from J.E. Rhodes Elementary School planted flowers in front of the administration building.  Kindergarten students collected donations for Nicholas Pet Haven, the organization that took in pets after the tornado.  First grade students delivered thank you notes and snack baskets to the Van Police Department, Fire Department, Van ISD Maintenance Department, and others that helped after the tornado.  In addition, they were able to brighten the day of the residents at Van Healthcare by delivering baskets to them as well. The students at Van Intermediate School collected donations for the Van Community Library.  The Van High School FFA students delivered plants they grew to local businesses.  Today was a great opportunity for all of our students to give back and serve our community.   It was a great day to be a Vandal!!   Pictures of Vandal Service Day '16

Our plan is to make this a yearly event so that we never forget May 10, 2015.  We are truly blessed!  #WeAreVan

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