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Superintendent's Welcome

Welcome to Van ISD and our website!  We hope you will find our site easy to navigate and full of useful information about our schools, programs, activities, and upcoming events.  We are always looking for ways to improve this website, and if you have suggestions regarding the type of information needed or have some great ideas from other sites you have seen or may have access to, please let us know. We strive to constantly update this site to provide you with the latest information about our district. 

At Van ISD, our core belief is “EVERY child has the right to be prepared to attend college, and it is the responsibility of the adults in our schools to put systems in place to make that happen.”  This is a responsibility we take very seriously.  We believe a student’s pursuit of a college education begins the moment they walk through our doors in kindergarten and continues as they complete their high school diploma.  But just graduating from high school is not enough to succeed in the real world.  Our desire is that every student who graduates from Van High School will pursue a college degree or some form of post secondary education.  Educating a child is a team effort.  Please join us as we motivate your kids to dream about what they can become.  After High School Comes College! 



Don Dunn

Superintendent, Van ISD


District News & Announcements

Confirmed Case Of Pertussis 


Illness and Injury Protocol 


Inclement Weather Procedure 


Literacy Partners Application Packet 


Van ISD Chain of Command 
Van ISD values open and direct communication with parents. 


Safety Report 


Germ Prevention 


Press Release 
VISD Board Reviews Districts' EMERGENCY Plan 1-11-13 


Safer Healthier Home 
Seven Keys to a Safer Healthier Home 


Headlice Information for Parents 


Superintendent Dunn addresses state-mandated testing in a letter to parents. 


Child Centered Special Education Process 
The Legal Framework is a template that summarizes state and federal requirements for special education by topic.  


ARRA 1511 Certification Report 
Modernization, Renovation or Repair of a Facility 


IDEA ARRA Certification Report  
High School Life Skills and Behavior Classrooms Remodeling