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Superintendent's Update

Thursday, October 1:  The safety and security of our students is one of our major priorities.  With that in mind, I would like to explain the system we have in place at J.E. Rhodes Elementary School, Van Intermediate School, and Van Middle School as it relates to our after school car rider pick-up procedures.  At the beginning of the year, each parent was given a name tag with their child’s name on it to be displayed on the front dash of their vehicle.  We gave each parent three to four name tags so they could give an extra name tag to the other persons they designate to be allowed to pick up their child.  We also informed everyone that this was their ticket to pick up their child after school.  If they did not have this name tag displayed, they would have to go to the office to be verified before we would release their child to them.  We understand this is not convenient for those who have arrived without their name tag displayed, but again, this procedure is in place for your child's protection. 

There was a scary situation that took place last week at an area school district.  The district utilizes a similar procedure as the one described above.  A car pulled through their pick-up line without a child name tag and asked to pick up a certain student.  The teacher on duty explained that the student would not be allowed to go with them until it was verified in their office and that they should pull around to the office for verification.  The car pulled out of the line as if they were going to the office but never made it; they passed the office and exited the campus.  This startled the teachers because they did not know the identity of the person requesting the student and, therefore, did not know for sure their intentions.

This incident caused that district to rethink their procedures, and it has caused us to look at ours as well.  We have added an additional layer of protection to our current procedures.  We have implemented a plan for cars that enter our pick-up lines without a student name tag displayed on their front dash.  Each campus has a teacher whose job it is to radio student names to the other teachers at the front of the pick-up line.  These teachers then find the student and have them ready to be picked up.  Once the teacher with the radio sees a car without a displayed name tag, she will radio to a designated teacher who will have an information sheet and a clipboard.  This teacher will be ready to record the following information: 

  • Name of student the person is requesting to pick up
  • Vehicle Description - Make, Model, Color, License Plate Number and State
  • Driver and Passenger Description - Names (if given), Sex, Hair Color, Clothing

If the same scenario were to happen at one of our campuses, we would give this information to our local authorities for further investigation.

Again, the safety and security of your children is one of our top priorities.  Please continue to display your child’s name tag on your front dash.  If you need extra name tags, see your child’s campus secretary.  They will be more than happy to make you as many as you need.  We appreciate your patience and support as we work together to protect our young Vandals.


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